Tuesday, 13 May 2014

The Blind Pride

With the greeting of peace, we greet you. Welcome, again, to our blog. Happy reading and may we benefit through it all.

I write this piece not as some great advisor, but as a well-wisher, offering counsel, first 2 my own sinning soul, then to each one of the human race, all those who we care so much for.

Our society is abundantly plagued with corruption, murder, shamelessness, and even our youngsters brewing in disrespect, cheating, moral abuse, let alone the elders, just to state a few. And Satan was debarred from the Gardens due to this one feeling which propelled an act: Pride. How do we hope to advance while stripping our characters of instrumental qualities?

God Created us all with a balance: if Jake is blind, he's got an extra of another feature, say his hearing; if Ahmad is low in verbal interaction, another one of his qualities certainly hails a thumbs-up, for instance his writing or techno- skills. When you're treated to a hats-off demeanor, remember well that another of your qualities is perfectly deficient, so you have no reason to rocket-off the Earth. Everyone is the protagonist of their own story (well, maybe everyone except John Watson), but each person also deserves a respectful treatment, don't they? Put yourself in their shoes and examen just how much you'd relish being treated like a filthy rag. Not that your or their condition is permanent -  today you may soar, tomorrow you could dive.

What really marks us above the rest is the faith that we cultivate within us, the extent to which we serve our purpose, how conscious are we of our Creator, what breed of character do we culture within our souls. And even with that, the noble one would fear for himself a treachery from himself, when all the purity might be diseased with the plague of evil. Pride is the cloak of God Almighty, and derailing indeed are we if we see it fitting upon ourselves to don the Exalted One's attribute, not to mention its forbiddance may bring the greatest calamities upon our heads.

May Allah Increase us in His consciousness, nobility and the good of all things, and May He Purge us of our misdeeds and keep us far, far away from the Fire.

Peace be to all those who follow the Guidance.