Saturday, 11 October 2014

Where's the Ω?

Peace be upon you! Welcome back to our monthly blog.
Let's proceed.

The universe is orchestrated with a symphony of balance, every being dancing to the Divine programming. And Justice is just one prominent note in the harmony. If God Himself wasn't the One of Most Justice, Most Truth, Most Mercy, Most Forgiveness, and Most Love, then how in the cosmic possibilities could we mere humans, a race with inherent weakness, have come to discover, or "invent",  as some of us might prefer, them?

So how, in the awesome universal justice, could anyone expect this near constricted world to be the alpha and omega of human existence?

Now, we all know that there were many such heads with seats of power that blew off a million other heads for vested interests, a grudge, some fear, you name it. And they died like the others died. Death is justice?

I'll talk maths. We all started off as the same--a million Xs. Suppose I got power (normal; this isn't physics) of 2 units. And owing to this, I took away 1 unit of your freedom. Like we started, we must also end equal. As x+2 is not equal to x-1, and supposing we both die now, it ends up like x+2=x-1 which isn't true for it's really x+2≠x-1. So this must not be the omega. This is not the end.

For the sake of justice and equality, thank God for the Judgement Day!

Peace be to all those who follow the Guidance.