Tuesday, 30 December 2014

We felt; it's wrong?

Peace be upon you.
We have some write-ups in the making, please pray for us, and that we find time (and mind) to produce great read-worthy articles.
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They held the showing of emotion, verily, even the harbouring of sentiment, a negative, a fallacy.

Did they never see the machines they 'made'? Did they ever find in them any genuine feeling? Was their creation not amateurish or was it authentic expertly? Now, were they so far too arrogant to ridicule the creations of the Master, the Creator, the Fashioner of all art?

Did they have no shame left in them? Do we?

Peace be to all those who follow the Guidance.

Sunday, 30 November 2014

Freedom Pub. Ltd.

Peace be upon you!
We're sorry to have defied our 'monthly' term. Whoops! But please pray that from now on we are disciplined. We're human, by the way. (Hah!)


They told you modernity granted you freedom. Well, quite generously. But maybe, just maybe, you've heard, "There's a limit to everything." We may not agree in all absolute facets, but in this life, and for us humans, yes.

'But I've got freedom', some may object. 'I can do everything I want to.' Actually, you can't. You can do only what you can. 
That aside, owing to freedom and my downright fascination, may I eat fire? May I? Please..?
Logically, I may not. Because it's detrimental.
And thus, here, for us, there are limits. And we must wisely accept them.

Peace and blessings be to those who follow the Guidance.

Saturday, 11 October 2014

Where's the Ω?

Peace be upon you! Welcome back to our monthly blog.
Let's proceed.

The universe is orchestrated with a symphony of balance, every being dancing to the Divine programming. And Justice is just one prominent note in the harmony. If God Himself wasn't the One of Most Justice, Most Truth, Most Mercy, Most Forgiveness, and Most Love, then how in the cosmic possibilities could we mere humans, a race with inherent weakness, have come to discover, or "invent",  as some of us might prefer, them?

So how, in the awesome universal justice, could anyone expect this near constricted world to be the alpha and omega of human existence?

Now, we all know that there were many such heads with seats of power that blew off a million other heads for vested interests, a grudge, some fear, you name it. And they died like the others died. Death is justice?

I'll talk maths. We all started off as the same--a million Xs. Suppose I got power (normal; this isn't physics) of 2 units. And owing to this, I took away 1 unit of your freedom. Like we started, we must also end equal. As x+2 is not equal to x-1, and supposing we both die now, it ends up like x+2=x-1 which isn't true for it's really x+2≠x-1. So this must not be the omega. This is not the end.

For the sake of justice and equality, thank God for the Judgement Day!

Peace be to all those who follow the Guidance.

Monday, 15 September 2014


Peace be upon you.
Here, now, with blood flowing like river-water, wounds drying like mud under the sun, we needn't say much to explain the atrocities being inflicted upon our brethren in humanity. Lord, please now save Palestine!

Only a coward bombs the unarmed mass,
To occupy a land that's another's home,
Hailed for their cowardice, injustice in guise,
Israel, turning Palestine into unfelt tombe.

Babies they kill, chivalry profess,

To 'defend', to re-capture their "Promised Land",
And shout out their wounds, their bruises, some scratch,
While a nation they grind beneath their stand.

Our bretheren they kill,

Humanity, slay,
For injustice in our world,
Will we still pay?

Fund those cool brands,

The crowns of all industry,
Or fund genocide or kill--
Identical equality.

When the hailed crown's but stolen,

Robbed from their very host,
We go blind and dissociate,
(Saying)"It's not ours, that post."

Well, why do we smother conscience,

Sugar-coating this gall?
Drop, a drops form an ocean,
Customer's king, after all.

When the better of us royals resign,

And morality, anti-hexastar, support,
The oppressors' economy shall decline,
By God's Will, Justice our purport.

If not for religion, least for virtue,

For humanity, morals, justice, the truth,
Stand, O People, Stand firmly for mankind,
Be kind to man, so beyond may you see the Fruit.

O Allah! Lord of all,

Unite my bretheren against the evil force,
In throngs they force, to uproot Thy Deen,
Yours our will, Justice we propose.

O Allah! If not for Your Aid,

Misguided, useless, senseless is undermine,
O Allah! Piety we beseech,
Our Lord, please NOW save Palestine.

Peace be upon all those who follow the Guidance.

Friday, 11 July 2014

The Month of Guidance

Peace be upon you, who has been following this blog since a long, long time. And to those of you who haven't, too.

The Holy month of the Muslims is up and high, bright and sanctifying. Why are we making this the subject of this month's post? This period has dozens of deeds which can be, and are, the source for scores of great benefit: physical, spiritual, mental, and many more, you name it.

Firstly, fasting in Ramadaan, the fourth pillar of Islam, is observed by the Muslims as a means for attaining god-consciousness and piety, as mentioned in the Quran, 2:183. "O you who have believed, decreed upon you is fasting as it was decreed upon those before you that you may become righteous." Also, as the verse says, this deed was enjoined upon nations of the past, so it stands not as a new idea for the masses of humanity.

Someone made a statement as follows,"If one can control his food, he can control anything." So secondly, it empowers the one who's fasting with self-control.
Hence, it is easier to perform acts of worship with the full presence of mind and total control of will. If one's good enough. And if he's not, well, this is a great time to make or break habits!

Fasting helps the physical human body to gain a lot of boons. The digestive system is given rest, and as with everything, a rested system is more productive. It can be a means of weight control. More health benefits can be found on http://www.allaboutfasting.com/benefits-of-fasting.html. Et cetera, et cetera.

More importantly, an average, sensitive human being recognizes and sympathizes with the condition of the poor, those who haven't the means of looking forward to even breaking their fast, out of no fault of their own. This helps social relations and societal development through brotherhood.

A sort of summary, rather the crust and scan of what Ramadaan is supposed to be and what it must compose of.

Foreheads that kiss the ground, low,
Elevated by spirit, by creed: the glow.
This month of restraint, of superior control,
By the slaves of the Almighty, those incandescent coals.

Eat not, thou, from dawn to dusk,
Be the time an aeon, or the trifling brusk.
For the Pleasure of thy Lord, fast this time,
So you'd feel his hunger, thy brother with no dime.

This deed for Him shall yield you nobility:
Care, character, God-consciousness, piety.
A pillar of your edifice; break, not, it down,
Erect it firmly; may salvation, there, be your crown.

A sinning soul, myself; now I'd conclude,
Not, may we have hallucinations of mere food.
Taqwa, instill into our hearts, O Lord!
And forgive us all sins; our Destiny Thy accord!

Peace be to all those who follow the Guidance.

Sunday, 15 June 2014

Thy Account

Greetings to you of peace again!

One of us just got wondering... And, here's the wonder.

If you're a student, (okay, let's say an average, normal student) you'd be worried about your result. When's that? At the end of the respective Academic Year. The confectionery store's book keeper lays down the incomes and outflows at the end of the day. The general store's accountant pens it, let's say, at the end of the week. And the universal (or rather, more accurately, international) corporate world sums and solves its accounts at the end of the business year. 
You see the trend? Everything important is accounted for at the end of its term.

Now, would you count your life important? Whether you do or you don't, it does stand significant. And, just another proof is before you: you'll have to account for your tenure at the end of your life and later, to the One who Created you. Let's not deny this obvious fact and be doomed forever. Remember--The Almighty would certainly not create all this magnificence for sheer play.

May Allah Guide us to all that is good and Paradise. Aameen.

Peace be to all those who follow the Guidance.

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Tuesday, 13 May 2014

The Blind Pride

With the greeting of peace, we greet you. Welcome, again, to our blog. Happy reading and may we benefit through it all.

I write this piece not as some great advisor, but as a well-wisher, offering counsel, first 2 my own sinning soul, then to each one of the human race, all those who we care so much for.

Our society is abundantly plagued with corruption, murder, shamelessness, and even our youngsters brewing in disrespect, cheating, moral abuse, let alone the elders, just to state a few. And Satan was debarred from the Gardens due to this one feeling which propelled an act: Pride. How do we hope to advance while stripping our characters of instrumental qualities?

God Created us all with a balance: if Jake is blind, he's got an extra of another feature, say his hearing; if Ahmad is low in verbal interaction, another one of his qualities certainly hails a thumbs-up, for instance his writing or techno- skills. When you're treated to a hats-off demeanor, remember well that another of your qualities is perfectly deficient, so you have no reason to rocket-off the Earth. Everyone is the protagonist of their own story (well, maybe everyone except John Watson), but each person also deserves a respectful treatment, don't they? Put yourself in their shoes and examen just how much you'd relish being treated like a filthy rag. Not that your or their condition is permanent -  today you may soar, tomorrow you could dive.

What really marks us above the rest is the faith that we cultivate within us, the extent to which we serve our purpose, how conscious are we of our Creator, what breed of character do we culture within our souls. And even with that, the noble one would fear for himself a treachery from himself, when all the purity might be diseased with the plague of evil. Pride is the cloak of God Almighty, and derailing indeed are we if we see it fitting upon ourselves to don the Exalted One's attribute, not to mention its forbiddance may bring the greatest calamities upon our heads.

May Allah Increase us in His consciousness, nobility and the good of all things, and May He Purge us of our misdeeds and keep us far, far away from the Fire.

Peace be to all those who follow the Guidance.

Saturday, 12 April 2014

The Squall

You're afflicted with a heart-wrenching difficulty. So is your brother, your sister, your friend, your every relative, and each soul upon the face of the Earth. You're no special solicitation of God's Wrath, and it's probably not even His Anger that you experience, but rather a test. Note the absence of 'simple'. He Tests most those whom He Loves. So brace yourself in the wake of the tempest and place your trust in Him. Soon, it shall pass, with His Will, and you'll rise above your flaws. Yes, you will, if He Wills.

A small reminder, for me and for you...

Storms shall rise

In your voyage at the seas,
So prepare, don't blame,
For destruction's for those tease.

A blade sharpens the blunts,

A whetstone a sword,
With this dip you'll climb further,
Why, then, question the Lord?

Battles will rage,

You're armed with sword and shield,
When nothing you did lack,
Why in the cosmos yield?

Kiss the dust--

None but you to blame,
Deny the gawking truth,
Implore great defame.

The knife's in your palm,

Slay yourself or defend,
Now is the time for choice,
The morrow's too late to mend.

May Allah (the Exalted, High) buttress our mettle, our trust in Him, our acts only for Him. He's the solution to your and my distress. May He forgive us all our sins, and enter us into the best of His slaves.

Peace be to all those who follow the Guidance.

Sunday, 9 March 2014

The Overlooked Piece

Peace be to you, again. We apologize for the lapse in timing between our last post and this one. Hope to keep you engaged in awesome ideas! Now, the post...

In our daily lives we delve, unthinking, un-contemplating of the One Who Created us, of the One Who Forwards all the favours that we call our own, of the Only One Who Deserves to be thanked in every moment of our lives. Yet we conveniently forget all the rights He Has upon us.
And when does the double-edged sword stick in our wounds? When we’re afflicted with a certain “calamity”, and call out to Him earnestly, like He’s all we care of. For He’s all that’s left. And we move further to call upon our “fulfilled duties” to Him, of our loyalty to His Might, of the firmness our attestation to His Existence. Really, pledging loyalty to God does not only entail belief in Him when we’re at the end of our tether, when all mortals have dissociated themselves from us, when imminent destruction looms before our eyes. And most undoubtedly it implies throwing off His mention into the air when the dog is having its day, doesn’t it? How truly ungrateful we are!
What more reason do we need to remember Him whenever we can besides the undeniable fact that He Created us, and left us not to “manage on our own”; rather, He Fed us, clothed us, protected us, promoted us, and He Knows best what all else! But yet, we don the cloak of pride and refuse to turn to Him. Then why do we complain when the repercussions strike?
He has, undoubtedly, very Wisely said this in the Quran, Surah Mulk, “Or who is it that will give you sustenance if He should withhold His Sustenance? Nay, they persist in disdain and aversion.” (67:21)
But you’ll say that you did not realize He did all these acts. Only had you obedient eyes that noticed the subtleties of your provisions, you would remark the impossibility of it without His play therein. And don’t excuse yourself by saying anything like, ‘I cannot be so observant’ or ‘You’ve got to be kidding about Him’, etc. You can see it, and this is, surely, the truth.
He Deserves to be praised, and if we do not give the religion foremost priority that it is rightful of, we shall surely witness the blind pitfalls in our lives.

Peace be to all those who follow the Guidance.

Monday, 10 February 2014


Good Life again everybody! The pristine greeting of peace we bestow on you once more!

Now, to business... Haven't you ever wondered why we are so constricted of mind? Here is what we present to you from Islam:

With what an admirable wonder does the curious child spend that enormous amount of time scrutinizing the creations of God! Although his simple mind, he just happens to find the enigma in a symphonic ripple of water, the impeccable rays of sunlight, the strangeness of another person's eye. An aspect that we abominable adults just happen to overlook. So conveniently. Oh, but we're so busy studying/working/gossiping/whatever-ing that it works itself up as a pretty plausible excuse for not being "childish". Or does it?

Almighty God Created us to worship Him, and the purpose can be achieved even in everyday acts of normality. The morning train houses airy windows to a brilliant sky alight with the entrancing young sunlight, if only you were extraordinary enough to see. And the biology class teaches you the impeccably flawless programming of God in microscopic genes. And the astronomy class reminds you that the Empire of God does not NEED your cooperation to function; that's only needed for your own salvation. And so many infinitely more evidences, if only YOU were to see...

Peace be to all those who follow the Guidance.

Sunday, 2 February 2014



Let me narrate an incident to you…

I ran late for my appointment with my manager, had forgotten the documents in question, and all things were going wrong, when I passed a seaside. Oh! With what beauty the sun shone its mighty rays, the water glistened with hues of all colours, and the passage of time slipped out of my mind as I stopped and drifted into admiring nature’s commendable magnificence.
Just then, as if by total magic, a tree trunk was sawed without a woodcutter! Then the trunk was progressed into planks of wood which rose as if some invisible power had cast a levitating spell on them. Forming floorboards, the base of a boat was made. Then came the body, the mast, the bow, etc. etc, and all throughout, I gaped in awe…
That was formation, now came running our manufacturer-less boat. Some unknown creatures (UFO’s?!) originated from absolutely thin air, their creation so perfect that I could espy no flaw. Without a hint of hesitation or a flash of illiteracy, one of them grabbed the helm and stirred the vessel away at 365 kmph with an enormous spray of water at its heel, leaving the bank and casting me into a shower of utter astonishment.

Now if I asked you if you believe my narration (to be true), you’d say I had to be travelling a fairyland to witness such events.
THAT is absolutely my point, brother/sister. Such ordeals are no occurrences in our realistic world, or even worlds. Wood cannot saw itself up, planks cannot assemble themselves independently, nor can live creatures originate from thin “air”, let alone nowhere.
According to whole logic, there must be a woodcutter, a worker to assemble the boards, (forget the polishing!), etc. etc…
So, logically, there must be a Maker for you, for me, for the eyes with which you now see this document, for the mind that reads the text, for the earth whose paths you walk, for the INVISIBLE but present air you breathe which keeps you alive, the universe that keeps its secrets as instructed, etc.
So, yes, there is a God, and I bear testimony that there can be none but only one of such kind, or else all gods would have gone away with what they created, leaving the cosmos in a stark ruin, quite contrary to its present state. -- (Al-Quran)

In conclusion, I advise you: Brother/Sister, go out, ponder over His creation, and look for the Truth. You will find it one day, if He wills.

Peace to all those who follow the Guidance (the Noble Quran).

The story was narrated by one of the scholars of Islam, may Allah have mercy on their souls {Aameen}