Sunday, 9 March 2014

The Overlooked Piece

Peace be to you, again. We apologize for the lapse in timing between our last post and this one. Hope to keep you engaged in awesome ideas! Now, the post...

In our daily lives we delve, unthinking, un-contemplating of the One Who Created us, of the One Who Forwards all the favours that we call our own, of the Only One Who Deserves to be thanked in every moment of our lives. Yet we conveniently forget all the rights He Has upon us.
And when does the double-edged sword stick in our wounds? When we’re afflicted with a certain “calamity”, and call out to Him earnestly, like He’s all we care of. For He’s all that’s left. And we move further to call upon our “fulfilled duties” to Him, of our loyalty to His Might, of the firmness our attestation to His Existence. Really, pledging loyalty to God does not only entail belief in Him when we’re at the end of our tether, when all mortals have dissociated themselves from us, when imminent destruction looms before our eyes. And most undoubtedly it implies throwing off His mention into the air when the dog is having its day, doesn’t it? How truly ungrateful we are!
What more reason do we need to remember Him whenever we can besides the undeniable fact that He Created us, and left us not to “manage on our own”; rather, He Fed us, clothed us, protected us, promoted us, and He Knows best what all else! But yet, we don the cloak of pride and refuse to turn to Him. Then why do we complain when the repercussions strike?
He has, undoubtedly, very Wisely said this in the Quran, Surah Mulk, “Or who is it that will give you sustenance if He should withhold His Sustenance? Nay, they persist in disdain and aversion.” (67:21)
But you’ll say that you did not realize He did all these acts. Only had you obedient eyes that noticed the subtleties of your provisions, you would remark the impossibility of it without His play therein. And don’t excuse yourself by saying anything like, ‘I cannot be so observant’ or ‘You’ve got to be kidding about Him’, etc. You can see it, and this is, surely, the truth.
He Deserves to be praised, and if we do not give the religion foremost priority that it is rightful of, we shall surely witness the blind pitfalls in our lives.

Peace be to all those who follow the Guidance.