Saturday, 12 April 2014

The Squall

You're afflicted with a heart-wrenching difficulty. So is your brother, your sister, your friend, your every relative, and each soul upon the face of the Earth. You're no special solicitation of God's Wrath, and it's probably not even His Anger that you experience, but rather a test. Note the absence of 'simple'. He Tests most those whom He Loves. So brace yourself in the wake of the tempest and place your trust in Him. Soon, it shall pass, with His Will, and you'll rise above your flaws. Yes, you will, if He Wills.

A small reminder, for me and for you...

Storms shall rise

In your voyage at the seas,
So prepare, don't blame,
For destruction's for those tease.

A blade sharpens the blunts,

A whetstone a sword,
With this dip you'll climb further,
Why, then, question the Lord?

Battles will rage,

You're armed with sword and shield,
When nothing you did lack,
Why in the cosmos yield?

Kiss the dust--

None but you to blame,
Deny the gawking truth,
Implore great defame.

The knife's in your palm,

Slay yourself or defend,
Now is the time for choice,
The morrow's too late to mend.

May Allah (the Exalted, High) buttress our mettle, our trust in Him, our acts only for Him. He's the solution to your and my distress. May He forgive us all our sins, and enter us into the best of His slaves.

Peace be to all those who follow the Guidance.