Thursday, 22 January 2015

Eco-friendliness: Our duty.

Our poor Earth begs to see those twinkling stars,
For it could formerly even admire the beauty of planet Mars.

These factories smoking a thousand cigars a day,
The smoke clouding up with a hue of blackish grey.

Not to mention, of course, our folks who breathe
Out those toxins; never enough to seethe.

Tonnes of garbage dumped mercilessly at the great seas,
Even the lakes and oceans are not set free.

So many chemicals polluting the noble waters,
Choking fishes and many plants, even our health greatly falters.

Unhealthy, hybrid foods replace the better nutrition,
To feed the numerous masses, to produce weaker generations.

For the best in both lives, plant a seed today,
That’s also what the Lord and His Messenger (saw) say.

You may never realize—it’s a little forest of your own,
With household garbage and compost, the large plants you have grown.

Let’s unionize our efforts to success via the Way,

How Muhammad (saw) taught us, our world needs it today!


Peace be upon those who follow the Guidance.