Monday, 10 February 2014


Good Life again everybody! The pristine greeting of peace we bestow on you once more!

Now, to business... Haven't you ever wondered why we are so constricted of mind? Here is what we present to you from Islam:

With what an admirable wonder does the curious child spend that enormous amount of time scrutinizing the creations of God! Although his simple mind, he just happens to find the enigma in a symphonic ripple of water, the impeccable rays of sunlight, the strangeness of another person's eye. An aspect that we abominable adults just happen to overlook. So conveniently. Oh, but we're so busy studying/working/gossiping/whatever-ing that it works itself up as a pretty plausible excuse for not being "childish". Or does it?

Almighty God Created us to worship Him, and the purpose can be achieved even in everyday acts of normality. The morning train houses airy windows to a brilliant sky alight with the entrancing young sunlight, if only you were extraordinary enough to see. And the biology class teaches you the impeccably flawless programming of God in microscopic genes. And the astronomy class reminds you that the Empire of God does not NEED your cooperation to function; that's only needed for your own salvation. And so many infinitely more evidences, if only YOU were to see...

Peace be to all those who follow the Guidance.

Sunday, 2 February 2014



Let me narrate an incident to you…

I ran late for my appointment with my manager, had forgotten the documents in question, and all things were going wrong, when I passed a seaside. Oh! With what beauty the sun shone its mighty rays, the water glistened with hues of all colours, and the passage of time slipped out of my mind as I stopped and drifted into admiring nature’s commendable magnificence.
Just then, as if by total magic, a tree trunk was sawed without a woodcutter! Then the trunk was progressed into planks of wood which rose as if some invisible power had cast a levitating spell on them. Forming floorboards, the base of a boat was made. Then came the body, the mast, the bow, etc. etc, and all throughout, I gaped in awe…
That was formation, now came running our manufacturer-less boat. Some unknown creatures (UFO’s?!) originated from absolutely thin air, their creation so perfect that I could espy no flaw. Without a hint of hesitation or a flash of illiteracy, one of them grabbed the helm and stirred the vessel away at 365 kmph with an enormous spray of water at its heel, leaving the bank and casting me into a shower of utter astonishment.

Now if I asked you if you believe my narration (to be true), you’d say I had to be travelling a fairyland to witness such events.
THAT is absolutely my point, brother/sister. Such ordeals are no occurrences in our realistic world, or even worlds. Wood cannot saw itself up, planks cannot assemble themselves independently, nor can live creatures originate from thin “air”, let alone nowhere.
According to whole logic, there must be a woodcutter, a worker to assemble the boards, (forget the polishing!), etc. etc…
So, logically, there must be a Maker for you, for me, for the eyes with which you now see this document, for the mind that reads the text, for the earth whose paths you walk, for the INVISIBLE but present air you breathe which keeps you alive, the universe that keeps its secrets as instructed, etc.
So, yes, there is a God, and I bear testimony that there can be none but only one of such kind, or else all gods would have gone away with what they created, leaving the cosmos in a stark ruin, quite contrary to its present state. -- (Al-Quran)

In conclusion, I advise you: Brother/Sister, go out, ponder over His creation, and look for the Truth. You will find it one day, if He wills.

Peace to all those who follow the Guidance (the Noble Quran).

The story was narrated by one of the scholars of Islam, may Allah have mercy on their souls {Aameen}