Monday, 15 September 2014


Peace be upon you.
Here, now, with blood flowing like river-water, wounds drying like mud under the sun, we needn't say much to explain the atrocities being inflicted upon our brethren in humanity. Lord, please now save Palestine!

Only a coward bombs the unarmed mass,
To occupy a land that's another's home,
Hailed for their cowardice, injustice in guise,
Israel, turning Palestine into unfelt tombe.

Babies they kill, chivalry profess,

To 'defend', to re-capture their "Promised Land",
And shout out their wounds, their bruises, some scratch,
While a nation they grind beneath their stand.

Our bretheren they kill,

Humanity, slay,
For injustice in our world,
Will we still pay?

Fund those cool brands,

The crowns of all industry,
Or fund genocide or kill--
Identical equality.

When the hailed crown's but stolen,

Robbed from their very host,
We go blind and dissociate,
(Saying)"It's not ours, that post."

Well, why do we smother conscience,

Sugar-coating this gall?
Drop, a drops form an ocean,
Customer's king, after all.

When the better of us royals resign,

And morality, anti-hexastar, support,
The oppressors' economy shall decline,
By God's Will, Justice our purport.

If not for religion, least for virtue,

For humanity, morals, justice, the truth,
Stand, O People, Stand firmly for mankind,
Be kind to man, so beyond may you see the Fruit.

O Allah! Lord of all,

Unite my bretheren against the evil force,
In throngs they force, to uproot Thy Deen,
Yours our will, Justice we propose.

O Allah! If not for Your Aid,

Misguided, useless, senseless is undermine,
O Allah! Piety we beseech,
Our Lord, please NOW save Palestine.

Peace be upon all those who follow the Guidance.