Friday, 11 July 2014

The Month of Guidance

Peace be upon you, who has been following this blog since a long, long time. And to those of you who haven't, too.

The Holy month of the Muslims is up and high, bright and sanctifying. Why are we making this the subject of this month's post? This period has dozens of deeds which can be, and are, the source for scores of great benefit: physical, spiritual, mental, and many more, you name it.

Firstly, fasting in Ramadaan, the fourth pillar of Islam, is observed by the Muslims as a means for attaining god-consciousness and piety, as mentioned in the Quran, 2:183. "O you who have believed, decreed upon you is fasting as it was decreed upon those before you that you may become righteous." Also, as the verse says, this deed was enjoined upon nations of the past, so it stands not as a new idea for the masses of humanity.

Someone made a statement as follows,"If one can control his food, he can control anything." So secondly, it empowers the one who's fasting with self-control.
Hence, it is easier to perform acts of worship with the full presence of mind and total control of will. If one's good enough. And if he's not, well, this is a great time to make or break habits!

Fasting helps the physical human body to gain a lot of boons. The digestive system is given rest, and as with everything, a rested system is more productive. It can be a means of weight control. More health benefits can be found on Et cetera, et cetera.

More importantly, an average, sensitive human being recognizes and sympathizes with the condition of the poor, those who haven't the means of looking forward to even breaking their fast, out of no fault of their own. This helps social relations and societal development through brotherhood.

A sort of summary, rather the crust and scan of what Ramadaan is supposed to be and what it must compose of.

Foreheads that kiss the ground, low,
Elevated by spirit, by creed: the glow.
This month of restraint, of superior control,
By the slaves of the Almighty, those incandescent coals.

Eat not, thou, from dawn to dusk,
Be the time an aeon, or the trifling brusk.
For the Pleasure of thy Lord, fast this time,
So you'd feel his hunger, thy brother with no dime.

This deed for Him shall yield you nobility:
Care, character, God-consciousness, piety.
A pillar of your edifice; break, not, it down,
Erect it firmly; may salvation, there, be your crown.

A sinning soul, myself; now I'd conclude,
Not, may we have hallucinations of mere food.
Taqwa, instill into our hearts, O Lord!
And forgive us all sins; our Destiny Thy accord!

Peace be to all those who follow the Guidance.