Sunday, 30 November 2014

Freedom Pub. Ltd.

Peace be upon you!
We're sorry to have defied our 'monthly' term. Whoops! But please pray that from now on we are disciplined. We're human, by the way. (Hah!)


They told you modernity granted you freedom. Well, quite generously. But maybe, just maybe, you've heard, "There's a limit to everything." We may not agree in all absolute facets, but in this life, and for us humans, yes.

'But I've got freedom', some may object. 'I can do everything I want to.' Actually, you can't. You can do only what you can. 
That aside, owing to freedom and my downright fascination, may I eat fire? May I? Please..?
Logically, I may not. Because it's detrimental.
And thus, here, for us, there are limits. And we must wisely accept them.

Peace and blessings be to those who follow the Guidance.