Thursday, 22 October 2015

Un-blinker Yourself

Peace be on you all!
Yeah, we know, and we're terribly sorry, and we won't even begin on how late we've been this time.
We have this one request from you - please show some response, ask some questions, etc. to help us assess how we're getting on here. It'll really be appreciated, InShaaAllah.
Now, with the post.

Consider this scenario: you're offered a promotion, a pay raise, and you're not bad with responsibility -- would you decline this proposal? Given that you are right-headed, that is.
No, most probably you'd be overly eager to accept it. Unless you're genuinely lacking.

Now, aren't we all terrific fools, that when God gave us final clues for answers, full debriefing, and unparalleled greatness after that, we're still clung on to the previous, primitive short-term goals?
Allah blessed us: with morals of justice, we run behind 'equality'. He gave us a clear path to world peace and we're blindly inching forwards on the street of provincial peace. He showed us Eternal Bliss but we're obsessed with a terminal period.

And after all, we're all pumped up and confident (over-?) about matters that lurk in the darkest patches of our ignorance.
Tsk-tsk, indeed "...mankind was created weak." (Al-Quran 4:28)

Every once in a while, we must retrospect, to purify and protect our precious intentions from the callers towards Evil.

May Allah Protect us and Purge us all. Aameen.

Peace be to all those who follow the Guidance.

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